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By the late winter of 2014, James Dempsey had served in a world war, raised children, buried a wife, and seen the best of his health leave him behind.As he prepared for a stay at a nursing home on the outskirts of Atlanta, the 89-year-old began to feel nervous.The clips appear to show Dempsey gasping for air, begging for help and collapsing that morning while nurses barely attempt to revive him and at one point laugh over his bed. on the last day of his life, Dempsey threw one skinny leg over the edge of his hospital bed. Help.” The only immediate answer was the soft blare of a TV.He pressed a button to call a nurse and croaked three times to an empty room: “Help me, help me, help me.” A few seconds passed. As seen in NBC’s video, a worker entered the room eight minutes after that call.In the video, Nuckles walked into the room shortly before a.m., where another nurse stood by Dempsey’s bed.Someone flipped the dying man’s sheet up, and someone lowered his bed.

This doctor and nurse of a thing getting along in the hospital is getting out of hand.“Would you agree it appears as though he’s gasping for air? “It looks like it,” she said quietly as she watched. At that point, Nuckles herself was called up to the room.Earlier in her deposition, Nuckles testified that she ran across the nursing home’s courtyard to Dempsey’s room, where she said she and a second nurse took turns performing constant CPR.But neither Nuckles nor the nurse appeared to touch Dempsey’s chest.“Contrary to the way you testified previously, there’s no one doing CPR, is there?

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