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In subsequent years the Slide was renamed the Main Run as more ski runs were cut through the forest.It was further extended and widened in March 1934 and April 1951.It had ski lodges, cafes, a ski hire, a ski jump and six runs cut through forests of myrtle beech and woollybutt.For over 20 years it had thousands of visitors every weekend there was snow.

They reported that the direct walking track was too steep and slippery to be used regularly, but that the road was quite usable in winter. that suitable snow does lie on the mountain for many weeks during winter.So, when city based skiers began looking for somewhere closer to Melbourne than ski destinations in north eastern Victoria or Gippsland, Donna Buang was exactly what they were looking for.The top car park on the mountain at the Ten Mile Turntable was only 96 kilometres from the city on the roads of the time and those without cars could catch a train to Warburton and either walk or hire a ‘service car’ to take them up the mountain.The probable locations of six ski runs in 1938 are shown in green. The first ski run was built over the summer of 1924 - 1925 by the Warburton Progress Association.Initially it was short and narrow, just 130 metres long and 2½ metres wide, but by 1926 the Ski Slide had been widened to 20 metres by the local tourist committee and in February 1929 it was widened to 40 metres.

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